Cloud security– base camp

A couple of posts today resonate as fundamental concerns about security in the cloud. AEP networks’ chief technology officer Mark Darvill notes that ‘Cloud security should be a priority’ and Steven Withers has this eponymous advice in his article ‘Getting cloud security right from the start’

I don’t see security as a bigger issue than privacy (get either wrong and you could face jail time) and in the boardroom reliability is just a big a deal given it’s potential to impact brand and reputation. A certain Canadian mobile phone services company may have found it’s 4 day outage a week or so ago to be the final nail in the coffin of at least this chapter in it’s history.

Base camp here is no different to any other IT challenge, but it does begin and end with developers understanding IT Service Management frameworks in a way that is significant. Cloud developers are effectively shipping security, reliability and privacy! 

A great place to start is here / Technology – Google warned on China plans

Today’s article in the FT quotes Kai-fu Lee / Technology – Google warned on China plans

Mr Lee’s commentary echoes my own experience, and not only that, the story I am watching is of a class of challenges in operating and working in PRC. Both Microsoft and later Google spotted in Mr Lee an outstanding leader and entrepreneur who could have enormous impact – and both were unable to harness that with corporate strategy that would have allowed such vision to be executed. IMHO.022

Attributed to Mr Lee : “People have to evaluate their overall equation, their level of discomfort with this country, their belief they can be successful, how lucrative the market is, how flexible they are with their policies, how much money they have,” Mr Lee said. “They have to balance all those things. Clearly, today, those stars are not aligned.”