What does work life balance really mean?

what does work life balance really mean?

Balance and Fulcrum

most weeks I have a coaching session with a colleague or client that involves some discussion around their “work life balance” and what that really means so I will share here what I have learned and encourage you to contribute your own learning: but the most important thing is to understand the role of the fulcrum in achieving balance and understanding what it all really means.

Here we go then. The challenge presented is “how do I achieve a good work / life balance”?

Q1: what do you mean? what I hear is “how do I balance the things I must do with the things I would chose to do” – starting to look more interesting?
Q2: do you understand that the pressure you wish to release is you as the fulcrum with the desire to complete the things you must do with the things you would choose to do?

As soon as you understand the questions above there is a “penny drops” moment – the problem is not so much the balance but the overloading either end of the scales. Too much on either end, even when in balance, is simply too great a pressure on the fulcrum (you).

Take a little bit off both ends… find some things that just don’t matter that much and ease back on just a little of the stuff you merely want to do.

some reference questions I squirreled away:
#WorkLifeBalance How many hours a day do you work? Should employers help their staff find a more efficient way to work within shorter hours?

You deserve what you tolerate

Working more than 11 hours a day increases the risk of heart disease by 67% compared to 8 hours! #WorkLifeBalance http://t.co/covIc7h