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Eleven years ago I excitedly
began my first day at Microsoft. Like
any long term relationship, I did not know how great the experience would
become! Huge thanks for family and friends who made the journey to this point
so special. Never has Microsoft been more inspiring than today, how we change
people’s lives at Play and Work! Behind the scenes exist an incredibly
emotional and positive story of how my colleagues give to people around the
world their time and resources. Places we made a difference but do not talk
about publically include example like Hurricane Sandy, Haiti earthquake,
Tsunami in Japan. Microsoft ensures our people and families are taken care, so
we may focus on customers and partners making them Heroes.


So, today I wanted to ask each
of you to take a fresh look at Microsoft. Our future at Microsoft was
re-imagined with Windows
and our products from XBOX to Phone to Office released new
versions. Today is the most exciting day of my career. Tomorrow will be even
better as customers and partner purchase and experience the amazing devices and
services built and delivered by so many of my friends. If you fell prey to
products built buy a forbidden fruit company, it is ok… come look at Surface, Windows Phone 8, and the
incredible Windows
8 touch enabled PCs
being sold at ALL price ranges! Developers, you need to
check out our
application store
so you can reach all of these devices. Oh yes, and if
you’re an IT Professional you must learn more about Windows
Server 2012
and Windows Azure!

If you love music, you must
discover  XBOX Music Pass
for Windows 8. Do you run a business, let’s get the benefits of the cloud to
you through Office
. Finally, if you have files on your computer and want to access them
across all your devices, please take
advantage of the free SkyDrive



PS: Here are some links to
videos if you are not familiar with Microsoft today!


Surface: Phone 8:

Windows 8:

Office 2013:

Xbox Music:


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