Akamai – Caching – China

FYI – So far the clearest info we have ever got on where Akamai stands today in China:

——snip from below——-

I understand the confusion around "rim" delivery vs. "in-country" delivery in China.  It’s a fairly lengthy subject, but I’ll try to hit the high points.  At the time of our last MSA negotiation, Akamai did not have any active servers in mainland China.  We had had a couple regions in the past, but regulatory problems forced us to turn them off.  As such, China delivery was explicitly excluded from our contract.  We spent the better part of a year designing a new solution and establishing business partnerships to launch a new service.  The China CDN is offered in conjunction with network partners in China.  The servers act like typical Akamai edge servers, but they are owned by the ISPs.  They participate in an isolated map on the Akamai network and any domains that use that map must be pre-approved by a review committee that includes our network partners.

As you can imagine, doing business in this climate is more expensive for Akamai.  As such, the China service has different price points depending on committed network usage levels.  Not all sites are acceptable for in-country delivery and not all customers want to pay a premium for the traffic.  Our solution was to offer a "rim" delivery service that leverages servers that are close to China from a network sense and that we know to have good connectivity to the mainland.  The result is a solution that optimizes delivery into China, but has lower cost profiles (and slower performance).  There are also issues with traversing the great fire wall, but that’s a different discussion entirely…


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