FW: Tsunami relief – Doing our Part

FW: Tsunami relief – Doing our Part

    I wanted to share with you some additional ways you can help the victims of the Tsunami that hit the southern parts of Asia and Africa. We, a bunch of people from local corporations like Microsoft, Amazon etc., have formed a group to help the South Asian Tsunami victims by providing our services to individuals/local aid agencies by helping them with any sort of fund raising. We are not affiliated to any of the aid agencies or organizations but are a loose body of people who want to do something beyond donating just money. If you ever wondered what else you can do in addition to donating money to various charity organizations, here are some ways:

1.      If you want to organize a fund raising event (like a dinner, an auction etc) we can help you with providing publicity, connect you with charity organizations, help in preparing for the event and help you on the day of the event as well. The donations will go to any charity organization of your choice.

2.      If you have a business, say a restaurant or a bar, and want to donate a percentage of the money you generate (it is totally up to you how much you want to donate in these cases), we can help you publicize. For example, there are reports about maintenance personnel who have donated like 20% of the charges for installing new water heater etc.,). In essence, if you have any business that you think can generate more money by some additional publicity or some additional helping hands and want to donate a part of it for this cause we can help you.

3.      You can join us and be a volunteer and provide your invaluable services to a great cause.

    There is also an effort underway wherein we try to keep a watch on a few of the big aid agencies to gain an understanding of their logistics such as their own overheads, projects that they are investing the funds into, the time it takes for a relief to reach the victim etc., This information will be available on our website in few days.

    We do not stress on which of the affected countries or aid agencies you help. We have created a website that has many links to the organizations which are helping different countries if you need help in choosing one. Please bear in mind that our efforts may not necessarily increase your business or prospects of raising more funds but we will provide our assistance to the best of our capabilities.

    For more information and some of the upcoming events please visit our website at http://www.tsunamihelp.net .

    If you have any questions please ‘r’ me and I will try to provide you the answers or direct you to people who may be able to answer you.



Help the Tsunami Victims: http://www.tsunamihelp.net


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