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James Stanbridge

James Stanbridge

James has extensive international expertise, having worked as a General Manager at Microsoft for 14 years living and working in London, Shanghai and Singapore.

James is currently leading the Business Development push into Asia and Europe for silicon valley start-up, Declara INC

As and ontological coach, James is studying under the ICF accredited, Newfield Asia program and specialises in the personal development of Women in Technology, Senior Executives searching for purpose and solo, or entrepreneurs in start-up.

Key areas of
expertise include: understanding complex business requirements &
subsequently developing sophisticated solutions; a deep knowledge across the
complete technology stack with specialist knowledge of virtualisation systems;
the ability to manage multi-functional virtual teams; exceeding client
expectations & disparate stakeholder agendas; and extensive technical

Leadership ▪ Project Management ▪ Strategy Development ▪ Migration ▪ P&L

Change Management ▪ Issue Resolution ▪ Stakeholder Engagement ▪ Governance

Technical Infrastructure ▪ People Development ▪ Process Improvement ▪ Efficiency


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